Welcome to Little Sketches by Lucy Dentice. A collection of greeting cards, illustrations and posts inspired by Lucy’s upbringing in rural Northumberland, from growing flowers to wild walks along the Northumberland coast line, to working as a florist. A collection of these designs are available to purchase as cards from Lucy’s Etsy store.

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May in the garden


I love spending may in the garden – its one of my favorite times of the year. After a very harsh winter and slow start to spring, things are finally in full flow.... READ MORE

Howick Hall and Arboretum


I have just got back from a trip up north to see family and while I was up there I visited the fantastic Howick Hall and Arboretum. Howick is tucked away just south... READ MORE

Marigold florist


So i love doing the odd bit of floristry, unfortunately I need to wear gloves as my eczema isn’t that keen on plants and flowers however I keep at it. Today I decided... READ MORE

Weddings at Stanton Hall


If you are lucky enough to a) live in Northumberland  b) are engaged  and c) like the idea of a laid back rustic wedding why don’t you check out Stanton Hall for your special... READ MORE